Why I Ran for City Commission

YOU are why I ran for City Commission. I think you deserve a city government that represents how you think. That didn’t happen during the 2021 city elections but I think if we work together we can make a difference.

I believe it is important for people to use their God-given skills and abilities to serve their community. The question, then, arises, “How I can best serve my community?” Until recently I thought representing Helena’s District 6 in the Helena Citizen’s Council was that best use of my abilities.

That experience, however, has shown me that my decades of business experience and my organizational skills coupled with my clear thinking and common sense approach to decision-making makes serving Helena in other ways I’ve found. I am known for my administrative skills and for clear, common sense thinking.

I have the enthusiastic support of many friends and colleagues and know that Helena is in a period of growth and change.

The Covid virus has brought about many changes to what I believe used to be Montana’s best and most livable city to work, play and grow a family. We need pure common sense decision-making at the city level instead of decisions being made from an agenda-driven perspective.  Now more than ever, we need dedicated local leaders who are committed to sound and rational decision-making and common sense government as opposed to partisan politics.

I ran for Helena’s City Commission in the 2021 election to help address lots of issues but especially to use common sense in the decision-making process, and to make our city government accessible to citizens so they can know exactly what is going on in their city.

I was asked all the time what Helena’s ‘hot issues’ are. I know what I think they are but that’s not nearly as important to me as what YOU think they are. I reverse the question and am asking what YOUR hot issues are. I have already received lots of different answers like:

  • The Hill Park Fountain that was removed
  • Economically feasible housing
  • Over or restrictive regulation of local businesses
  • Critical Race Theory in our schools
  • SROs (School Resource Officers) in our schools
  • Tourism in our area
  • Community Development
  • Infrastructure
  • Transparency from our city government
  • etc.

So PLEASE leave me a message using the form below telling me what you’d like to see change in our city, so that when I’m one of your commissioners I can look further into it and help by making some common sense decisions using rational thinking like you.

You can email me at steve@SteveAllenForHelena.com.  Or if you’d rather you may leave your comments in the comments section at the end of this page.

Thank you for being willing to communicate and I look forward to hearing from you.

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