My platform is all about bringing transparency and common sense to Helena’s city government. That means that no matter what the issue, every voter in Helena should be able to easily find out what their commissioners and mayor stand for and do with their office.

Because of that the hot issues of the day, which most politicians (which I am not) shy away from, I am willing to share with you exactly what I believe.

You won’t always agree with me but at least you’ll always know where I stand. Following is a list of what I see as the issues of the day in the city of Helena. Each issue below is a link to a page that explains where I stand on that issue.

Many of the issues are or have been dealt with at least partially in the last Montana state legislative session. However, many of even those issues come to the surface in City Commission meetings and have to be dealt with again there. So I’ve included them here, just so you know what my thinking is on that particular issue.

I’m quite certain you won’t find any other candidate willing to share everything they believe regarding the issues the city government has to deal with but like I have said before, I am not a politician and have nothing to hide. I’ll tell you what I think, transparently, and will use common sense (not very common any longer) to arrive at those beliefs.

If you disagree with me, fine. If you feel strongly enough about the issue to comment and let me know WHY you disagree, I’d be honored to have your comment and I’ll probably reply.

  1. Infrastructure
  2. SRO (School Resource Officers) –
  3. Transparency in our city government.
  4. Accessible city government.
  5. Common Sense in our city government.
  6. The Hill Park fountain that was removed in 2017.
  7. Economically affordable housing.
  8. Community development
  9. Tourism in Helena
  10. Critical Race Theory


sound and rational decision-making