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We need your help to win!

It takes more than one person to change  government. I am willing to be at the point of the spear and take the hits and criticism that comes with being a public servant but I can’t get there without your help. Every single person doing their part makes it possible. Even if you don’t live within the city limits of Helena and won’t be able to vote for me in the general election in November, I’m sure you realize that if you live in the greater Helena Valley the decisions that are made by the Helena City Commission affect you more than you know. There are collaborative committees and agencies that combine both funds and personnel in Lewis and Clark County and the City of Helena.4th of July Flag-raising ceremony in Helena

If you are willing to help me bring Common Sense and Transparency back into our city government, just CLICK HERE  to let me know you want a yard sign, you want to make some phone calls for me or knock on some doors for me, or anything else you can do to support our efforts. No matter how little amount of time that might be, it is greatly needed and appreciated. And when you send me a message, we’ll be back in touch with you as quickly as we can. Thank you and God bless!

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