About Me

Just Who Is Steve Allen?

I grew up in rural Oregon where I graduated from high school and went on to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Theology. I graduated from both high school and college near the top of my class academically while being active in leader roles in music, sports and school government.

After college I started my own general contracting and land development business and have owned business for over the last 38 years. In late 2000 I moved my family from a rural area in Oregon, that was a lot like Helena, to a rural town in Northern California (again, a lot like Helena) where I continued working in the construction industry while helping the pastor grow a successful church there.

A while after my first wife died from cancer, I was married again, and Kelly (who’s husband had also died of cancer) and I immediately moved to Helena making it our home. That was over 14 years ago and we love being here.  My wife had three children and I had four so we’ve learned both the challenges and the benefits  of blending families. We love Helena and the ‘rural’ feel it has even though it is Montana’s capitol city.

Steve and Kelly Allen

I have always been active in the community and most recently have served Helena on the Helena Citizens’ Council representing Helena’s District 6. I believe my 38+ years of experience as a business owner, actively participating in government for much of that time and my common sense approach to decision-making has given me the experience to think clearly like some just don’t have. Helena voted differently in the last election so we’ll have to see how that kind of thinking pans out in the next four years.

Here’s the bottom line. I simply like people. Some of the most memorable and fun times I have ever had are just being around people. Interacting with people in Helena is no different.
Steve Allen with former Helena mayor Jim Smith

Steve Allen interacting with people of Helena

more wonderful people

In our free time, we enjoy being active in our church and camping in Helena’s the gorgeous area surrounding.